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The John Houston Podcast

Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me to talk with them about how I  built businesses that are profitable and run with best-in-class business standards while at the same time incorporate faith into the very fiber of everything we do.  Through this podcast, I can share lessons I’ve learned through the years. I believe God has plans and purposes for your life and he can use every skill and talent you have…no matter what you do for a career…to fulfill your God-given life’s work.  And I want to be a friend who helps you along the journey.



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Recent Episodes

S01 Episode 7: Using Your Work To Transform Communities

S01 Episode 6: Leading Through Tough Times

S01 Episode 5: Leading with Purpose

S01 Episode 4: The Balance of Support & Challenge to Lead Others

S01 Episode 3: Stewardship Part 2

S01 Episode 2: Stewardship Part 1

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