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S01 Episode 4: The Balance of Support & Challenge to Lead Others

Extraordinary leaders calibrate high support and high challenge. Our teams won’t function to their full potential when we get off balance and accentuate one over the other. Listen to this conversation with Holly Moore as we talk through this leadership dynamic.


●     Finding My Way Home book

●     Read about Jesus and Peter:

○     John [1:41], Mark [1:17]; [3:16]; [5:37]; 9:2-13; [14:33], 1 Peter 5:1; 2 Peter [1:16]

●     Meet Holly Moore

●     Support Challenge Matrix

●     Giant Worldwide


●     Are you willing to ask your team how you can best support them?

●     Ask your team members how you can best challenge them in a way they can receive.

●     When starting a difficult conversation, say, “I have noticed a trend where you are unwittingly undermining your own influence. I’d like to help you with that…”

You can find full transcripts, show notes, and ways to contact us at https://meetjohnhouston.com.

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