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John is the Founder and CEO of the John Houston Family of Companies, a group of six companies that bring life-giving relationships to each stage of the home ownership journey.

At an early age, John had the mindset and drive of an entrepreneur. Yet, God took John on a journey to discover his true identity and life purpose. Along the way, he married the love of his life, Tracy, and together they have seen God open doors they would never have dreamed.

Although he has experienced incredible business success, John will tell you that his humble beginnings and years of hard work were used by God to prepare him for leadership.

In a down-to-earth and transparent way, John shares his life experiences and offers practical advice on how to be a trusted steward God can use to transform a business into a platform for ministry.


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Hear and Rely on the Voice of God for Business Decisions

John offers insights on how he seeks God’s direction in all aspects of his business and practical tips for making this a daily practice. In this talk, he shares personal stories of how he has grown in his relationship with God over the years and how it has impacted every aspect of his work. Learn specific ways to seek and listen to the voice of God in every area of your life and see how transformative it can be.

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How to Create a Stewardship Strategy in Your Business

Since starting his first company, John and his wife Tracy have viewed themselves as stewards rather than owners. As they acknowledge God as the true owner, they have been obedient to manage the companies and their profits to further the kingdom of God. John offers insights on why generosity is a hallmark of their businesses and how to create a comprehensive stewardship strategy.

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Discover Your True Purpose and Identity

John understands how easy it is for business owners to lose themselves in the business, and not realize their true purpose and identity in life. Through sharing stories of his own years of building a business from the ground up, John talks about key lessons he has learned that keep him focused on his God-given purpose and to lead from his true identity as a child of God.

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