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Finding My Way Home

In his new book, John helps us learn how to fulfill our God-given vehicle and see the workplace as a platform for ministry. Whether you are just starting your career or are a well-established leader, you will find encouragement and inspiration to hear God’s voice and experience a life of meaning and purpose.

Meet John

After facing hardships as a young man that could have permanently derailed his life, John Houston has become a respected and successful business owner who views his companies as a platform to reach people for Christ and support ministries around the world.

John has learned through the years how to listen to the voice of God as he seeks direction for his life and business. Following seasons of failure and success, John authentically shares his story to help other people find their own life purpose and have an impact in the marketplace.

John has been married to Tracy, the love of his life, for almost thirty years after meeting in high school.  They are the proud parents to two young adult kids, Austin and Ashtyn. They live outside of Dallas and enjoy eating a great steak, spending time outdoors, and traveling on adventures together as a family.

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"John approaches any business situation with stewardship at the forefront of his mind and he lives out the centrality of Kingdom-mindedness in all that he puts his hand to. He has a keen ability to view every financial blessing through the lens of Matthew [6:20], “Store your treasures in heaven…” This commitment and practice has grown his own business from humble beginnings to expanded influence. Learning from him can help your organization reach the next level."
Rob Hoskins
President | OneHope, Inc.
John Houston speaking to an audience


John shares his life experiences and offers practical advice on how to transform a business into a platform for ministry with audiences globally . Click the link below to learn more and book John for your next event.

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